FanArt Contest: Valentine

Every Friday a new piece of artwork from the fanart contest will be posted on this website!

Valentine by Kelsey Zilowar

“This one is a far-far-far-far and highly improbable future AU where Temeraire and Iskierka have learned to get along peacefully.” — Naomi

Each of these weekly pieces of art will be a part of a small, Subterranean Press hardcover with a 16-page full color gallery, and it will include a total of 32 pieces, with about 20,000 words total of new fiction included. I will probably end up combining and writing slightly longer stories for more than one piece, but each one will at least get a drabble’s-worth to its name!

Sub Press will produce a limited edition of 400 leatherbound copies signed by me (probably around $45), and somewhere between 1000-2000 hardcovers (around $20-25). And I will eventually be putting up the stories themselves online at least once the book sells out, so if these are out of your range, do not fear! You will get to read the stories! The book should hopefully be out before the end of this year, but we’ll see.

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7 responses to “FanArt Contest: Valentine”

  1. Well… least this is better then thier last photo together…… (shudders)….but all the same, this would be hillarious if it got into the next book…ececpt, I don’t think Valentines day was around then.

  2. This is SOOO cute, I really hope that Temeraire and Iskierka get together and fall in love!!!! <3 This is beautifully colored too!!

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