Virtual Event Today: Temeraire Special Editions

Hi Temeraire Fans,

Today is the day!

Naomi and Grim Oak Press are excited to share details about the forthcoming special editions of In His Majesty’s Service, the first of three omnibuses celebrating the nine-book Temeraire series.

Later today, October 3rd at 6PM ET / 3PM PT, join me, Naomi, and the project’s fan-favorite illustrator Daniel Govar as we show what we’ve been up to. The virtual event will be shared two different ways:

Please bring your questions about Temeraire and this first, fully-illustrated omnibus. After the event, I will put the video up on the Grim Oak Podcast YouTube channel. We will also reveal the pre-order date, prices, etc today.

If you have any questions about this event, do let me know! I’m always around on social media. And before anyone asks, yes, we will match your pre-ordered number/letter of In His Majesty’s Service to your Grim Oak edition number/letter of Spinning Silver if you own it. Don’t know about that special edition? Click HERE and learn more about it. It’s a beautiful book.

See you later today! Naomi and Daniel are excited to reveal In His Majesty’s Service!

In Dragon Flight,

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