The UK Unfettered Out Today!


Today, Orbit Books UK digitally releases UNFETTERED: TALES BY MASTERS OF FANTASY.

It’s a stunning and diverse collection of fantasy fiction from some of the biggest names in the fantasy genre – including Terry Brooks, Patrick Rothfuss, Peter V. Brett, Mark Lawrence, Naomi Novik, Kevin Hearne, Michael J. Sullivan, R. A Salvatore, Tad Williams, Lev Grossman and many others.

It also includes deleted scenes from Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s A Memory of Light, the final Wheel of Time novel.

The collection was gathered by Shawn Speakman, author and web guru for Terry Brooks. When Shawn fell ill back in 2011 and was unable to cover his medical bills, the fantasy community showed its exceptional generosity by stepping forward to help out. All of the authors involved were kind enough to donate their stories the collection to help him cover the costs – and what was produced is a truly wonderful anthology.

This is the first time UNFETTERED has been published in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and our Orbit edition contains an extra bonus story from Shawn himself. Please see below for a list of all the stories included.

It’s available now at a special introductory price, and so it’s a great time to sample the fiction of some of the some of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed authors writing in fantasy today.

– Foreword by Patrick Rothfuss
- Introduction: On Becoming Unfettered
- Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks
- How Old Holly Came To Be by Patrick Rothfuss
- The Old Scale Game by Tad Williams
- Game of Chance by Carrie Vaughn
- The Martyr of the Roses by Jacqueline Carey
- Mudboy by Peter V. Brett
- The Sound of Broken Absolutes by Peter Orullian
- The Coach with Big Teeth by R.A. Salvatore
- Keeper of Memory by Todd Lockwood
- Heaven in a Wild Flower by Blake Charlton
- Dogs by Daniel Abraham
- The Chapel Perilous by Kevin Hearne
- Select Mode by Mark Lawrence
- All the Girls Love Michael Stein by David Anthony Durham
- Strange Rain by Jennifer Bosworth
- Nocturne by Robert V.S. Redick
- Unbowed by Eldon Thompson
- In Favour with Their Stars by Naomi Novik
- River of Souls by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
- The Jester by Michael J. Sullivan
- The Duel by Lev Grossman
- Walker and the Shade of Allanon by Terry Brooks
- The Unfettered Knight by Shawn Speakman
- The Twilight Dragon by Shawn Speakman (bonus story for UK edition)

To download your e-copy, visit your favorite online retailer. Or click HERE for a list of UK retailers!

Happy reading!

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Contest: Unfettered Audiobook

audiobook-unfetteredUnfettered has been available now for more than seven months as a hardback and an ebook.

For those of you who do not know, Unfettered is the anthology that helped me pay off the medical debt accrued from treating 2011 cancer. I didn’t have health insurance due to a pre-existing condition and sadly Hodgkin’s lymphoma caught me. It couldn’t keep me down though. I’m healthier than ever now.

The silver lining of the cancer was the need to create Unfettered, an anthology featuring short stories written by some of the best fantasy writers working today.

When I approached Naomi about contributing a short story, she immediately said, “Yes! Of course!” I nearly wept at her generosity. Her story, In Favour With Their Stars, is a Temeraire alternate history story. It’s quite cool seeing our favorite characters in a new light!

The hardcover and ebook editions of Unfettered have sold well but a lot of people asked about an audiobook edition. Audible answered that call. They purchased the rights to produce Unfettered as an audiobook and it is now available! The short stories are read by some of the best narrators working today, producing a truly unique audiobook experience.

To celebrate this new release, Audible has given each of the contributors a code for a free audiobook download of Unfettered! Enter Terry’s contest below. It is open to worldwide participation. The audiobook can be listened to in a variety of ways listed HERE. The winner will be randomly drawn and sent a promo code that will allow them to download the book—free! One entry per person please.

And if you don’t want to wait, download the audiobooks for Unfettered and/or my debut novel, The Dark Thorn!

The contest will end on March 1st! You can also enter this contest and the contests on the Terry Brooks website and the Shawn Speakman website!

Good luck!

Naomi Novik Unfettered Contest

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Naomi Testifies Before Congressional Subcommittee!

Tomorrow, Naomi Novik will testify before a congressional subcommittee regarding fair use protections.

There will be a streaming broadcast, and she’s already submitted written testimony.

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Tantor Audiobooks Holiday Discount!

Happy Holidays! If you are following Tantor Audio on Facebook and Twitter (and if not, won’t you please take a moment to do so now), you already know that their annual holiday sale has begun!

Every audiobook is now 50% off at, some priced as low as $6.99. They have produced two audiobooks of the Temeraire series, narrated by Simon Vance! We all know how great Simon is at bringing the Temeraire series to life.

For audiobook fans, Tantor Audio’s holiday sale may be the perfect thing for you! So be sure to check it out. Cheers!

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The Audible Edition of Blood of Tyrants

audiobook-bloodoftyrantsBlood of Tyrants is published by in audiobook form.

But apparently, there were some problems with the audiobook itself. Errors, if you want to call them that. Problems that needed to be fixed with the production of the audiobook. You fans noticed them and notified us. Naomi talked to her agent who talked to the wonderful people at Audible.

Naomi wants to let you all know that Audible has promised to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. In fact, the problem is already fixed. It just takes a few days for the new upload to be the correct one and everything should be set right by the end of next week!

If not sooner!

So don’t despair, Temeraire fans. The audiobook is almost fixed! Thank you for your patience and Naomi thanks you for the same!

And if you don’t have the audiobook but want it when all is well, click HERE!

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Blood of Tyrants pub date!

US Cover of Blood of Tyrants with Temeraire looking straight out over an image of Moscow

Blood of Tyrants hits stores this week, and you can find it at your local bookstore or online! I’d love to hear what you think, either here or in a review — if you post one, drop me a link here or tweet me at @naominovik!

[Amazon] [BN] [Powells]

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Kickstarter: Support Fantastic Fiction

As some of you may know, Matt Kressel and Ellen Datlow are in the midst of running a Kickstarter in order to fund their Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading series for the next few years. Fantastic Fiction is a monthly reading series held on the third Wednesday of every month at the KGB Bar, 85 East Fourth Street in New York City.

Matt and Ellen initially asked for $3000, in order to fund the next two years, and with a few days left, they’ve raised $6780, which gives them three years. Naomi would love to see it hit $7000 by the end, so that Matt and Ellen don’t have to approach anyone for money for another four years.

To help kickstart the Kickstarter or learn more about it, click HERE!

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Chapter One: Blood of Tyrants

Coming August 13, 2013!

Coming August 13, 2013!

Part I

Chapter 1

Water lapping salt at his cheek roused him, a fresh cold trickle finding its way into the hollow of sand where his face rested. It spurred him: with an effort he pushed to hands and knees and then up, to stagger indecorously along the shore and fall again at the foot of several gnarled old pines clinging to the edge of the beach.

His mouth was dry and cracked, his tongue swollen. His hands were clotted with sand. The wind bit sharply through the sodden wool of his coat, stained black with water, and he was barefoot. Slowly, he unfastened the remnants of a leather harness from around his waist: buckles and clasps of good steel, still bright, but heavily waterlogged; he let it fall to the sand. The sword-belt he kept. The blade when he drew it was bright Damascus steel, the hilt wrapped in black ray-skin, the collar the golden head of a dragon. He stared down at it, without recognition. Read More »

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eBook: His Majesty’s Dragon is $0.99!

$0.99. A dollar. A buck.

His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik is a fantastic read, one of the best books to be published in the last decade, in my opinion. Naomi took the Napoleonic Era—with its fleets of warships and nation conflicts—and threw in aerial corps of dragons. The added fantasy element creates a fascinating series, one loved the world over. Add two great characters in Captain Will Laurence and his dragon companion Temeraire—and their wonderful relationship—and it captures what is best about our

After all, there is a reason Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson optioned the rights to create a live-action movie or television series based on His Majesty’s Dragon. It will make for a great cinematic experience!

Del Rey Books and Naomi have decided to make His Majesty’s Dragon available for $0.99 in eBook. That’s right. It is a perfect introduction to her series.

I mean, you really have no excuse.

Here is a bit more about His Majesty’s Dragon:

Aerial combat brings a thrilling new dimension to the Napoleonic Wars as valiant warriors rise to Britain’s defense by taking to the skies . . . not aboard aircraft but atop the mighty backs of fighting dragons.

When HMS Reliant captures a French frigate and seizes its precious cargo, an unhatched dragon egg, fate sweeps Capt. Will Laurence from his seafaring life into an uncertain future–and an unexpected kinship with a most extraordinary creature. Thrust into the rarified world of the Aerial Corps as master of the dragon Temeraire, he will face a crash course in the daring tactics of airborne battle. For as France’s own dragon-borne forces rally to breach British soil in Bonaparte’s boldest gambit, Laurence and Temeraire must soar into their own baptism of fire.

So why wait?! It’s only a dollar. Buy the book and read it. Or give the book to a friend or family member! Share the Temeraire series! To see the different formats, click HERE!

His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik is available at $0.99 for a limited time!

Ride the winds into battle!

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US Cover & Synopsis: Blood of Tyrants

Blood of Tyrants, the new Temeraire novel by Naomi Novik, will be in bookstores this August!

It is the second to last book in the series. It’s going to be a sad day when that last book publishes. The dragon Temeraire and his friend Captain Will Laurence have been an important part of my fantasy reading life. The Temeraire series is quite simply one of the finest stories being worked on right now—great for both genders, great for all ages. Naomi has created such a wonderful story that even Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson purchased the right to produce live-action movies of the Napoleonic Wars dragon series. I hope we all get to see that one day!

But first, we get Blood of Tyrants! Naomi has finished writing it, finished editing it, and it is now in the capable of hands of the Del Rey Books production team.

Here is an early look at the book—its cover as well as its dust jacket summary! Spoilers ahead!

Naomi Novik’s beloved Temeraire series, a brilliant combination of fantasy and history that reimagines the Napoleonic wars as fought with the aid of intelligent dragons, is a twenty-first-century classic. From the first volume, His Majesty’s Dragon, readers have been entranced by the globe-spanning adventures of the resolute Capt. William Laurence and his brave but impulsive dragon, Temeraire. Now, in Blood of Tyrants, the penultimate volume of the series, Novik is at the very height of her powers as she brings her story to its widest, most colorful canvas yet.

Shipwrecked and cast ashore in Japan with no memory of Temeraire or his own experiences as an English aviator, Laurence finds himself tangled in deadly political intrigues that threaten not only his own life but England’s already precarious position in the Far East. Age-old enmities and suspicions have turned the entire region into a powder keg ready to erupt at the slightest spark—a spark that Laurence and Temeraire may unwittingly provide, leaving Britain faced with new enemies just when they most desperately need allies instead.

For to the west, another, wider conflagration looms. Napoleon has turned on his former ally, the emperor Alexander of Russia, and is even now leading the largest army the world has ever seen to add that country to his list of conquests. It is there, outside the gates of Moscow, that a reunited Laurence and Temeraire—along with some unexpected allies and old friends—will face their ultimate challenge . . . and learn whether or not there are stronger ties than memory.

“These are beautifully written novels: not only fresh, original, and fast-paced, but full of wonderful characters with real heart.” —Peter Jackson

So, what do you think? Do things sound dire for Temeraire and Laurence? Will Napoleon get his desires for world dominance? Will Iskierka be around? And will Temeraire be friends with an amnesiac Laurence?

I guess we’ll find out when Blood of Tyrants publishes August 13, 2013!

More soon!

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  • "Temeraire is a terrifically entertaining fantasy novel. Is it hard to imagine a cross between Susanna Clarke, of Norrell and Strange fame, and the late Patrick O'Brian? Not if you've read this wonderful, arresting novel." – Stephen King
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