Release Date: Crucible of Gold Audiobook

Many question have arisen since Del Rey Books published the US edition of Crucible of Gold. Questions like:

  • When will the book be published in the UK?
  • When will the audiobook be published?
  • Will Simon Vance read the audiobook?
  • When will [insert Temeraire book] come out in my country?

I have an answer for one of them. The audiobook of Crucible of Gold will be published on June 1, 2012. We have asked that Simon Vance read the book. Keep your fingers crossed about that!

As for the UK edition of Crucible, we are still awaiting word on when it will be published. When we know, you’ll know. We promise!

About foreign editions of books, Naomi and I sadly don’t know when foreign editions will be translated or published. If you are curious about a book and you live in a country outside of the United States, you will have a better chance of finding out that information if you contact your local bookstore or contact your country’s Naomi Novik book publisher.

More news when we have it! Stay tuned!

19 responses to “Release Date: Crucible of Gold Audiobook”

  1. When will the paperback edition be released in the US? All of my other Temeraire books are paperback and I want them to match because I’m just weird like that.

  2. Looking forward to reading CRUCIBLE OF GOLD. Unlike many, I’m not making a mad dash to obtain it at this instant, but will do so as budget and other considerations align.
    Please let Ms. Novik know that I miss her posts on Live Journal.

  3. I adore the series but have only read them via audio book. I didn’t know until the release date and it didn’t appear on Audible.Com that the audio version wouldn’t be released at the same time as the hardcover–aaaargh. Please don’t ever let that happen again! I’m praying that Simon Vance is the reader because his is the only voice for me for this series–he does a fantastic job. Now I’m preparing myself for another excruciating wait, but at least this time I will actually get the book : D

  4. Thank you! I also have been checking audible most every day {not after friday each week as that only seems to be religion books and erotica for some reason} I do hope it’s Vance. He rocks!

  5. I sure hope Simon does it, I’ve been reading it to my kids and I think they are ready to commit treason if I don’t let him take over.

  6. I’m so excited! June seem so far away.
    Simon Vance must continue reading the series, I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the book any justice.

  7. Audible still doesn’t seem to have the Crucible of Gold audio book. Do we know if there’s a new release date or if it just hasn’t been posted there yet?

  8. When will the audio book be released in the U.S., it is past the first of June and I still haven’t seen it? Can’t wait to get it though :)

  9. I found the audio CD published by Recorded Books, ISBN: 146184259X, ISBN13: 9781461842590 but it costs $92 to buy on 8 CDs! See

    So I think Recorded Books published it around June 1 but that doesn’t help when the price is so high and who wants to store 8 CDs per audiobook? I’ve been keeping my Audible monthly membership just to get this book but the delay past June 1 just cost me another month’s membership fee. Please let us know when it will be released on Audible!

    • This is the email I received from Random House this morning via Naomi’s agent:

      I just checked in with Recorded Books, and the audio of CRUCIBLE OF GOLD shipped to all digital vendors on 6/1. They’re just waiting for it to be uploaded, which should be very soon.

      So the book is done. It just needs to be uploaded by the sites that will be carrying it.

    • But Recorded Books won’t sell except to a library – do you know where an individual can buy it?

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