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  • The Audible Edition of Blood of Tyrants

    Blood of Tyrants is published by Audible.com in audiobook form. But apparently, there were some problems with the audiobook itself. Errors, if you want to call them that. Problems that needed to be fixed with the production of the audiobook. You fans noticed them and notified us. Naomi talked to her agent who talked to […]

  • Another AudioBook Update

    Naomi’s wonderful agent just found out this information about the audiobook of Crucible of Gold: Random House just checked in with Recorded Books, and the audio of CRUCIBLE OF GOLD shipped to all digital vendors on 6/1. They’re just waiting for it to be uploaded, which should be very soon. So it appears as though […]

  • Audiobook Update

    We are looking into why the audiobook wasn’t released on June 1st as we were told it would be. When we know more, we will share it. More soon!

  • Release Date: Crucible of Gold Audiobook

    Many question have arisen since Del Rey Books published the US edition of Crucible of Gold. Questions like: When will the book be published in the UK? When will the audiobook be published? Will Simon Vance read the audiobook? When will [insert Temeraire book] come out in my country? I have an answer for one […]