Naomi Novik Attending 2018 Dragon Con

Naomi will be attending 2018 Dragon Con!

Dragon Con is a North American multi-genre convention, founded in 1987, which takes place annually over the Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the largest conventions with a 2017 attendance of 80,000 people. Naomi will be quite busy over that weekend. Here is her schedule:


Title: Military Fantasy
Description: What makes battles and wars in Fantasy different and distinctly fantastic?
Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Embassy EF – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Naomi Novik, Chris Kennedy, James A. Hunter, David Weber)

Title: When Life Interrupts
Description: Writers face challenges from their craft daily–but what happens when real life interrupts?
Time: Fri 05:30 pm Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Peter S. Beagle, Stephen L. Antczak, Octavia Randolph, Naomi Novik, Hawkings Austin)

Title: The Problem of Susan
Description: Susan Penvensie, called “Susan the Gentle” has one of the most controversial character arcs in Narnia. Is she a lost woman too attached to lipsticks, nylons and other material things to reach her true potential? Or is she a queen in exile, unfairly punished?
Time: Fri 07:00 pm Location: L401-L403 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Naomi Novik, Fran Wilde)


Missing Volume Booth SIGNING in the Americasmart dealers room, on Saturday at 12 noon.

Title: Reading Session: Naomi Novik
Time: Sat 04:00 pm Location: Vinings – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Naomi Novik)

Title: Stealing from the Past
Description: Historical settings and backgrounds used in Fantasy novels.
Time: Sat 05:30 pm Location: Embassy EF – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Griffin Barber, Eric Flint, Naomi Novik, Walter H. Hunt, Jason Cordova)

Title: Fanworks in YA
Description: When the book ends, the fanworks begin. Whether you’re into fanfic or fanvidding, creating or consuming, come talk about how fans contribute to their favorite canons.
Time: Sat 07:00 pm Location: A707 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Naomi Novik, Lindsay Ribar, Ashley Poston)


Title: Myths and Retellings in YA
Description: There’s no such thing as a “new idea” – so no wonder we love retellings of classics, myths and fairytales. Join us as we discuss why we keep telling these stories and how we keep reinventing them.
Time: Sun 10:00 am Location: A707 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Naomi Novik, Alexa Donne, Lexa Hillyer, Diana Peterfreund, Madeleine Roux)

Title: Autograph Session:
Time: Sun 01:00 pm Location: International Hall South 4-5 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Laurell K. Hamilton, Naomi Novik)

Title: Girl Power: Strong Women in YA
Description: A discussion about the diverse representation of women in YA books: from fierce heroines to memorable sidekicks to love interests, how are women presented, and what impact does it have?
Time: Sun 05:30 pm Location: A707 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Naomi Novik, Fran Wilde, Madeleine Roux, Jeremy Scott Whitley, Lexa Hillyer)

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