Ask Naomi: Will You Write A Sequel To UPROOTED?

Naomi Novik
Naomi Novik
Uprooted has captured the imaginations of readers all over the world!

When something like that happens with a book, the very next question is, “Will you be writing a sequel to it?” Uprooted has such a wonderful mythos and world that it is rife with sequel possibilities. I know I’d love one!

I sent the question to Naomi last week, in hopes that she would share if she has any plans. Here is what she said:

“It’s not out of the question but not currently planned either!”

Short and to the point. It looks like we will have to wait a while to find out! I know Naomi is putting the final touches on League of Dragons, the final Temeraire novel, and after that she has any number of stand alone projects that she wants to write, including a handful of short stories.

Will she return to the world of Uprooted. The future will tell us!

What are you reading right now?


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