Blood of Tyrants pub date!

US Cover of Blood of Tyrants with Temeraire looking straight out over an image of Moscow

Blood of Tyrants hits stores this week, and you can find it at your local bookstore or online! I’d love to hear what you think, either here or in a review — if you post one, drop me a link here or tweet me at @naominovik!

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  1. Hello Naomi! :)

    I think the latest installment is great!!! The Universe you created is truly awesome. I have been waiting so long for this and devoured the book in a day. Will read it slower next time.

    Now only Book 9 is left… :sobs: Why is it that favorite series end so FAST???

  2. Tried to get it electronically. Unable to get it through Amazon, can’t get it through some of the Australian online stores, unless i want to purchase a hard back novel.
    When is it going to be available electronically worldwide??

    • Seconded! I have been waiting very patiently for the Kindle version. If anyone has any ideas when this will be released please let me know (I am in Australia also).

      Thanks in advance

  3. I don’t mind telling you, I was in AGONY for a huge portion of the book, and I’m sure you know why (trying not to be spoiler-y here). It was nearly impossible to find a temporary stopping place so I could, you know, SLEEP. The worst part is that I now desperately want the next book to be out sooner rather than later, but it’s the LAST book, and AAAGGGHHH!!!

    I do have to say I’m grateful that Temeraire’s story has an endpoint. There are so many series out there that have been dragged out waaaaaay too long because the author obviously likes the paycheck. Personally, I’d rather be left wanting more than groaning at yet another release date, or reading the last page of the last in a series that should have ended five books earlier, and thinking “FINALLY.” With Temeraire and Will, I’ll feel a real sense of loss when I close that ninth book… And then I’ll pick up “His Majesty’s Dragon” and start all over again.

  4. I too had a lot of difficulty getting hold of a copy in the UK; no digital editions and was being told of a 2 and half week wait minimum for a hardback edition. Got very lucky with Waterstones, however, and got my hands on a copy just yesterday.

    It was worth waiting for – Blood of Tyrants was an excellent, truly excellent, read. One of the strongest aspects of the whole series is the fact that the whole world is fleshed out and has pieces of detail that make the whole thing have a depth of believability. In this book that is especially true; so many new customs and different ways in which various cultures deal with dragons. This is one of the most entertaining parts of the series and in B of T it becomes such a central issue.

    As usual the alt history theme was played out very well. I was left wondering a bit about the 1812 american war at sea and whether we would hear in detail about that, but with all that is crammed into the book I cant say that im disappointed. No spoilers, but following the end of the book I am on tenterhooks to see what happens next.

    When the amnesia storyline was revealed I felt some slight reservation initially but having read the book I can say that it has paid off in spades; the way it was handled, and the ensuing consequences, made for a plethora of touching character moments between not just Laurence and Temeaire but the other aviators as well. All in all that plot thread was handled especially well and I thought it added a great deal to the story.

    Really I just wanted to say thank you; The whole series has been one that has kept me hooked for a few years now; its the series I always have with me to reread when im at a loose end and I’m both sad and glad to see its coming to a conclusion with the next volume; glad because it means I’ll finally get some closure and see the whole scope of a great series and sad because it means that i’ll never have the thrill of guessing what happens next. Thank you and good luck with the next one!

  5. OMG!!! I am loving the new book… got lost a little bit not quite done… lets just say it’s gonna be agony untill the next book is done and out

  6. I am actually rather disappointed. I have all eight books in both Kindle and Audible, and a number of them in paper as well. I have introduced literally at least a hundred people to the series. This eighth edition is not what I have come to expect.

    Large parts feel like the Cliff Notes version of the story that Naomi Novik is capable of, the excellent word choices that have provided me glee in previous stories is only present in glimmers, the back stories and characters are not woven throughout as I have come to expect, and it feels like individual scenes that are just kind of shoved in together.

    I love this universe and it is one of my top six “worlds” created by books ever, but I would have much preferred to have had to wait another year or two and gotten the story Naomi is capable of writing.

  7. The book disappointed me too. Unlike other unfinished fantasy series that I am eagerly reading, this one appears to weaken in each book, sadly.

    The last sentence of the book made me laugh. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it made me remember that other series. I still like the Temeraire series, but it is no longer my favourite dragon story.

    • I did think Crucible of Gold was an improvement from Tongues of Serpents though. Actually, I would just identify Tongues of Serpents and Blood of Tyrants as the ones I wish had appeared in a different form than they did.

      I’m hopefully the ninth as the last has had more development and goes back to the level this series is capable of. I would much rather get the ninth book is six years and it be strong than get an adequate telling of the story in a year or two!

      • seriously are we talking about how bad the books are on the authors website seriously just go away some of us have been waiting a year for the series and i’ll read it no matter what

        • Most authors I know don’t think all of their work is equally as good. And editorial constraints can definitely play into it. Obviously those who have read day of issue and follow the author’s website definitely value the series. But I think valuing it critically is actually a better compliment to the work than just blind-eyed fanboy praise without reflection.

          Temeraire deserves the best.

        • And yes, I’ve been waiting impatiently for next installments since waiting for Empire of Ivory, so I get the desire for “MORE, GIVE ME MORE, NOW,” but I think resisting being blinded by it is worth the effort. Though getting tossed some random extras, deleted scenes/background sketches, etc. never hurts (hint, hint). ;-)

  8. I liked the book, but, I think what’s lacking is the battle scenes. The best battle scenes were in the 1st book and Victory of Eagles. The battle scenes in this book is like from Black Power War, which happens to be my least favorite book in the series, since most of the book depicts fighting in a boring way.

    I need to wait another month for a re-read before I can figure out whether I really, really like this book or just liked it. I’m still on the high of getting another Temeraire/Laurence book.

    By the way, if Novik were to decide, to say, extend the series another 5 books, I certainly wouldn’t complain. I would love to see Temeraire in America setting up a business.

    • agreed on the last point, an American based business would be cool. but then again there is the valley in Australia to think of (even with that little $#!% Rankin there) and there is of course Mei to think of as well.

  9. Well, couldn’t put it down, Naomi. I read it over 2 days and loved it. I do not like ranking such things, as I feel it rude to an artist like yourself, but it is one of my favorites.

    I also like how emotive passions help the injury; that is true to life in cases like this. Strong emotions will help those affected recover. A lovely work, I hope you are enjoying some relaxation time and look forward to the next (and final?) book.

  10. Finished!
    At long last, I’ve finished Tyrants and my god it was worth the long wait:
    The feels, the feels, the feels!
    And beyond that, the hilarious moments, Laurence finally realising he’s something of a celebrity from his and Temeraire’s exploits and then there’s Tharkay’s purpose to the whole plot becoming abundantly clear.

    But considering the ending, I’m not sure that the conclusion is in too much doubt, considering that there’s a Russian Winter involved.

  11. I’ve just finished Tyrants and posted a review on goodreads ( if anyone is interested. I thoroughly enjoyed it; it is so refreshing to read intelligent, thoughtful sff that has a real focus on character and social issues. Battle scenes have their place but tend to bore me after too many pages. I think this book had about the ideal balance for me, although I would have liked more resolution of the Russian campaign which is my only reservation. A marvellous series and I shall be sad to see it end.

  12. I liked the book a lot. It was enjoyable, although I do agree with Wiley, in that the back stories were not followed through on as much as I would like. Junichiro was such a strong character in the beginning, but he just kind of fades into the background after Laurence is rescued. I loved the whole amnesia plot, and the fact that even at the end of the book, it’s not like Laurence is completely recovered from it. It makes it seem more realistic.

    That being said, what I would like to know about is the small excerpt in the back of the book. I want to read Uprooted, but I have been unable to find any information about it. When is it going to be released?

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