Crucible of Gold UK Date Announced!

Crucible of Gold now has a UK publication date!

Crucible will be published on April 30, 2013 in the UK. No word on who is doing the cover or what the cover may look like. When we get an image of it, we’ll be sure to post it.

No word yet when Blood of Tyrants, the next Temeraire novel, will publish in the UK. It has a tentative US release date for August 13, 2013. When Naomi and I have a UK date, we will most definitely share it with you all!

In other news, Naomi has finished the first draft of Blood of Tyrants. It is currently being edited. No word on a tour yet. When Naomi and I know something more, we’ll share it. For sure, for sure! :)

Stay tuned!

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  1. I guess this is ‘good’ news, that we now have a date. But, oh my – August?? However shall I wait that long?!? ;-)

  2. Damn, i was really hoping for early 2013 i tried to milk Crucible of Gold as long as I could! Still so far away for a release Date :(

  3. YES! FINALLY A UK RELEASE DATE! Pity the release date isn’t a month earlier so I could get it on my birthday! Can’t wait for blood of tyrants!

  4. Wow you guys are patient peeps. I lost patience ages ago and bought an imported US copy. A shame to break away from the beautiful Andrew Davidson covers on the UK editions, but I couldn’t resist getting my hands on Crucible for a very good price.

  5. Are we ever going to be able to see a community forum for Temeraire fans on this website Shawn? I’d really like to see one.

  6. I’m confused i got this already from on kindle back in December on pre-order, Did the book get recalled?

    Ive checked my Kindle its still on there.

  7. Amazon UK are selling copies of the hardcover – I guess they’re imported from the US? – but the print quality is really poor. The outside edges are ragged (not trimmed properly) and the binding is uneven. I’ve had two copies from them with the same problem. Temeraire deserves better than this :(

    • The outside edges are trimmed properly. It’s called Deckle-Edge or Rough-cut treatment. It’s a more expensive trim and is only used for authors who deserve it. :)

  8. do you have any news about the cinématographique Project ? i saw in some books :Peter jackson who made the lord of the ring moovies bought the all right reserved for the audiovisual , Téméraire will come in our screen ? in full versions i mean with everything what was writhen in the books ?

    sorry my gramar is really really bad :/ i am not english , but i am learning ^^

  9. Hello;

    I’d be interested sometime in the summer to paint a cover illustration. It won’t be a serious thing, just practice for myself; and I’d offer it at no cost. Only that Naomi would suggest how the painting would look, and I would offer my interpretation?

    Thanks :)

  10. I am gutted, yes gutted! I don’t have time to sit and read a book these days and trying to keep up to date with the Temeraire novels has become impossible now that I don’t get the audio books in the UK. The audiobooks are perfect as I can listen to them when I work in my studio. I have up to Victory of Eagles and now, well, nothing! Even the first five novels which have been strongly recommended to friends here are not available in the UK. It’s all a bit ironic when the books are beautifully read by an English reader, the wonderful Simon Vance and set in the context that they are. Sigh! When are they likely to be available here in Blighty??

  11. Will what can i say 12 months after the U.S release and still not available on iTunes UK sorry lost interest in the series now.

  12. All that I am seeing on Amazon UK are the Del Rey hardcover and paperback US editions. Will there be Voyager UK editions forthcoming soon (please)?

  13. My copy has just come from Amazon UK – hurrah! – but it is so disappointing that it doesn’t have the lovely covers that all the previous ones did. They don’t match on the bookshelf :-( Is there going to be an edition with the white covers & illustration? If so I might even buy it again and sell on this one, really don’t like it.
    That said, the cover is not as important as the contents but still …

  14. Nearly three months since the UK publication was supposed to have arrived, and yet all we can get hold of is US books!

    Any news on when Crucible of Gold will be published with British spellings and a cover that matches the other six?

    Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait another age after Blood of Tyrants is published in the US for us to have our version.

  15. I’ve been trawling the interwebs for news on the UK edition – especially interested in continuing my paperback collection, with cover illustration by Andrew Davidson.
    I’ve seen the very small US edition in stores and online, but still no word on the UK version?
    Thanks in advance to Naomi for her beautiful stories, and Shawn for all his hard work on this site :)

  16. Harper Voyager UK website and have a release date of 10th of April 2014 for both Crucible of Gold & Blood of Tyrants. Let’s hope they stick.

  17. I would like confirmation that Crucible of Gold and Blood of Tyrants will be released in paperback, with the cover art of Andrew Davidson, in the UK. About to start Tongues of Serpents so I would be grateful for a swift reply. Thank you :)

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