Kickstarter: Tome of Ideas

Naomi will be a part of Tome of Ideas!

Tome of Ideas is part genre encyclopedia, part RPG book, part writing prompt collection, and part inspirational art book. It is designed as a resource for writers looking for their next story, game masters looking for their next adventure, or anyone who simply wants to sit down and send their imagination on a journey into speculative fiction.

The writing prompts, story seeds, and adventure outlines spanning ten genres and almost two dozen sub-genres make Tome of Ideas a great read for anyone who loves genre fiction, art, or roleplaying.

Tome of Ideas is similar in concept to the highly acclaimed Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters.

A 12-page preview of Tome of Ideas can be downloaded here for free. The formatting isn’t final, but it illustrates the kind of content we’ll include in the book.

Interested in seeing what Naomi will come up with? Click HERE and support the Kickstarter project!

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