FanArt Contest: Anatomy of a Celestial

Every Friday a new piece of artwork from the fanart contest will be posted on this website!

Anatomy of a Celestial by Kyle Bice

“This is clearly an illustration from Sir Edward Howe’s latest work on the dragons of the East.” — Naomi

Each of these weekly pieces of art will be a part of a small, Subterranean Press hardcover with a 16-page full color gallery, and it will include a total of 32 pieces, with about 20,000 words total of new fiction included. I will probably end up combining and writing slightly longer stories for more than one piece, but each one will at least get a drabble’s-worth to its name!

Sub Press will produce a limited edition of 400 leatherbound copies signed by me (probably around $45), and somewhere between 1000-2000 hardcovers (around $20-25). And I will eventually be putting up the stories themselves online at least once the book sells out, so if these are out of your range, do not fear! You will get to read the stories! The book should hopefully be out before the end of this year, but we’ll see.

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6 responses to “FanArt Contest: Anatomy of a Celestial”

  1. How exactly would Sir Edward be able to disect one of them?
    The only Celestial close to dying naturally is Uncle.

    Temeraire is the series’ main attraction and I can’t see him dying in the series, so this’d have to be an AU in that regard.

    And Lien is a ‘maybe,’ though I can more readily see her being imprisoned along with Napoleon after Waterloo.

    • I think by “Uncle” you mean “Grandfather”….even Temeraire’s mother Quian called him that so he must be.. hmmmmm let see more years than I care to count.

  2. If I had to guess, I would say he was able to make some educated guesses from other dragons anatomy in conjunction with knowledge from the Chinese.
    Just a guess though :)

  3. Beautiful drawing, but I thought celestials(and imperials) were supposed to have 6 bones in the wings? I noticed this also in one of the books where the dragons were pictured.

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