A New Fantasy Anthology For Shawn

As many of you know, I — Shawn Speakman — was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year. It was a rough year but I prevailed and now I’m healthier than ever.

The problem is this: I didn’t have health insurance. I quickly gained a massive financial debt from the surgeries and treatment. But rather than declare medical bankruptcy as so many have to do in my situation, I decided to create an anthology and called on my writer friends to contribute.

Naomi was one of them!

Here is my press release about it as well as how you can help out!

Click to embiggin’ the Press Release!

Naomi answered the call like the rest of my friends did. I decided to create and publish a fantasy anthology, titled Unfettered, with some of the best genre authors writing right now. The anthology is going to be fantastic and Naomi will be writing a new Temeraire short story for it. As you can imagine, I’m thrilled, as I love Temeraire and Laurence.

Proceeds from the anthology Unfettered will go to alleviating my medical debt. I am also publishing my own fantasy novel, The Dark Thorn, to help. You can read an excerpt from that and purchase now if you like. Unfettered will go on pre-order sale in a month or two.

Thanks for reading! It means a lot to me!


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  1. Wow, I start radiation today to get rid of Hodgkins Lymphoma, its been a rough ride for me to so far, except I live in Canada with insurance and everything was covered, I cannot believe the struggle you must of had paying all that. I will definitely have to get a copy of your book, not only because it will have a Temeraire but to support your debt. Goodluck in remission and goodluck with your money issues!

    • And good luck to you, Ed! The good thing is, Hodgkins is relatively easy to cure — or at least it has a higher curability rate than most cancers. I had Stage III, so I got nailed with chemo for six months. No radiation though, since my tumors weren’t large enough to warrant it. I’m happy you live in a country that values medical care too. I literally own more than $200,000 now. Thankfully, I have great friends like Naomi, who have supported me through all of this. I’m excited for the anthology though, because I think it is something fantasy fans will love and I’ll be contributing something to the genre that people will love for years to come. Hope the radiation goes well! I know it will.

  2. I am sorry to hear of your ailment yet overjoyed at seeing how you have faced it and its unfortunate consequences.I am a huge fan of Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” epic saga,which I have been ardently following like a fanatic for the pastsix years.I bought the “Memory of Light”,by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson,just a few days ago and because I have subscribed to the Tor weekly newsletter I read about your book there.When I went to the Tor website I read about your upcoming fantasy anthology “Unfettered” and decided to buy it as soon as I read that it would contained stories written by Terry Brooks and Brandon Sanderson.I will also buy your book “The Dark Thorn”.Let me just say this-your reaction to the unavoidable problems that life has thrown at you is simply inspiring and shows what wonderful people you and your friends are.

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