Ask Naomi: May 2011

novik-headshotEvery month going forward, bestselling author Naomi Novik will accept questions from her fans via her website and answer five of them.

It has already begun. Below you will find Naomi’s answers from questions sent into the website in April 2011, but if you have any questions for her—about her work or craft of writing—visit Ask Naomi and send in your questions!

Make the jump for the first five questions Naomi answered:


Bethany writes: Is there any talk at your publishers about issuing a second omnibus of Empire, Ivory, and Tongues? I know it wouldn’t be ‘soon’ because Tongues of Serpents came out very recently! Congratulates on the itty bitty baby!

Naomi Novik responds: Thank you! Itty bitty baby is now tipping the scales at 16 lbs and I have a hard time lifting her anymore!

And yes, Del Rey does plan to do an omnibus of books 4-6 (and then 7-9) in the US, but the timeframe is still up in the air — possibly for the holiday season in 2011? But don’t quote me on that!

Anonymous: I know that Peter Jackson is busy making The Hobbit right now, but could you give us any more information on whether he plans to make Temeraire into a movie yet?

Naomi Novik responds: All I can tell you is I am indeed very hopeful we will one day see Temeraire in action! You can read more about Peter’s thoughts about how he might do Temeraire in this interview by Quint of Ain’t It Cool News.

(And in the meantime, omg, Martin Freeman as Bilbo! Smaug! Thorin! I AM SO EXCITED.)

Michelle D. Keyes writes: Do you see an end at some point for the Temeraire series? Do you have any plans to start another series at some point in the future?

Naomi Novik responds: Yes, the Temeraire series will end with book 9, as yet untitled, which will bring the Napoleonic Wars to a close. There may be more adventures in the Temeraire universe from me after that, but if so I think they will be set in different eras and/or places.

I hope to continue my manga series Liberty Vocational with Yishan Li (the first volume, Will Supervillains Be On The Final? came out on April 26!), and I have a couple of different other projects in the works as well, including a YA trilogy inspired by The Secret Garden, and another super-secret one not yet ready for even that much to be revealed. :D

Lars Petrick writes: Will Temeraire come back to China and his “dragongirlfriend” and get an egg with her?

Naomi Novik reponds: Temeraire certainly will return to China someday, but over the exact dates and his progenitive future allow me for the moment to draw a discreet veil. ;)

Daniel Govar writes: Have you considered adapting the Temeraire series to graphic novels? As a comic creator I listen to the series while I work and am constantly thinking “This would make an amazing GN.”

Naomi Novik responds: The graphic novelization rights were part of the movie deal, as it happens, but I would love to see a Temeraire graphic novel and I very much hope we both do, some day!


Be sure to send in your own questions. Who knows? You might be featured on her website!

12 responses to “Ask Naomi: May 2011”

  1. When are the 7th and 8th books of the Temeraire series scheduled for their releases? Is there a schedule on the movie with Peter Jackson directing>

    • Book 7 is written and has a tentative release date of Spring 2012. Books 8 and 9 have no release date as they haven’t been written yet.

      As for the Peter Jackson movie, read Naomi’s response to the last Ask Naomi. :)

  2. Hi, does anyone know when the cinemo-version of “Temeraire” are starting? The rights for the film is bought since 2006… i wait and wait… but how does it sounds? The hope die´s at last

  3. Will they finish the airfield near sydney anytime.
    (sorry if I told someone about book 7)

  4. I want to ask if there will be more than nine books, or if you leave the
    series open and continue it later, I have the whole series of Temeraire
    and the omnibus and I would be very happy if the series continued
    even after the end of the Napoleonic wars, for example with a new adventure for Temeraire and Laurence i like your series and characters very much and I would be glad if there were as many books as possible about Temeraire Laurence and their friends for example about twenty.

  5. Wow! I love the Temeraire series, and I am only just on Empire of Ivory! Can’t wait for blood of tyrants to be released!

  6. Bummer! I bought Del Ray’s “His Majesty’s Dragon” and got right up to the ending… then it stopped! No more pages, as Del Ray didn’t bind them into the book! (They weren’t torn out.)

    • Sometimes printing errors happen. You can take the book back to where you bought it and get a replacement copy. All bookstores allow that, especially if you held on to your receipt. If you didn’t, then you can contact Del Rey via and I’m sure they will help you get a replacement copy. Let me know how it goes. Cheers!

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