March Ask Naomi Q&A

novik-headshotEvery month going forward, bestselling author Naomi Novik will accept questions from her fans via her website and answer five of them.

It has already begun. Below you will find Naomi’s answers from questions sent into the website in March 2012, but if you have any questions for her—about her work or craft of writing—visit Ask Naomi and send in your questions!

Make the jump for the first five questions Naomi answered:


Sean DeVoe writes: If you were going to write in another era in the Temeraire universe, what era would you use?

Naomi Novik responds: I’ve written a Temeraire-universe story set in Rome (“Vici”, published in The Dragon Book), which was a lot of fun, and I’m going to be writing a bunch set in other eras and nations for the fanart book! I’m possibly most looking forward to the colonial-era Boston one. :D

Barnaby Williams writes: Since the Spanish failed to conquer the Incans, did they also fail to conquer the Aztecs and Maya? How much of Central and South America (and the Antilles Islands) remains free of Spanish rule (I know it’s mentioned in Tongues of Serpents that Chile exists…)?

Naomi Novik responds: No, in the Temeraire universe, the Inca are the only Central/South American nation that successfully resisted conquest, because of the human society’s close relationship with dragons, who essentially held down the fort and resisted occupation even while the human population was being decimated by disease and highly vulnerable.

Cassandra writes: After finishing Crucible of Gold (which was amazing), Granby’s situation seemed to underscore the loneliness of Lawrence. Is there a mate of some sort in his future?

Naomi Novik responds: No comment. :D But I do hope we’ll see Jane Roland again.

Ann Marie Rost writes: I’ve just finished Crucible of Gold – and so the obvious question is – when will the next book be published?

Naomi Novik reponds: As quick as I can finish writing it! The publication date won’t be set until after I turn it in, but hopefully Spring or Summer 2013.

Jamahl Reynolds writes: I am concerned with the “first” egg Temeraire had with Felicita. Am I supposed to be under the impression the egg was a dud because the stories constantly eluded me to believe this egg never existed. Will the “First child” of Temeraire make an appearance sometime in the series?

Naomi Novik responds: Alas, no, Temeraire and Felicita did not actually succeed in producing an egg despite the best intentions and a very sincere effort by both parties! The attempts to get an egg sired by him during his stay in the breeding grounds were also ineffective.


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