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  • Auction: Signed UK Temeraire Hardcovers

    Auction: Signed UK Temeraire Hardcovers

    Naomi is offering up a signed set of the first three Temeraire books to help raise money for her daughter’s school! These books are quite rare and even more rare signed! Item Description Signed UK Hardcovers of First 3 Temeraire novels by Naomi Novik Signed first edition UK hardcovers of Temeraire, Throne of Jade, and […]

  • FanArt Contest: Steampunk Universe

    Every Friday a new piece of artwork from the fanart contest will be posted on this website! Steampunk Universe by Erica Lange “An AU of Throne of Jade where Laurence and Temeraire come to China and find not just lots of dragons but airships. (Which I am now heartbroken to not have actually done in […]