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  • Read An Exclusive Excerpt of Spinning Silver

    Read An Exclusive Excerpt of Spinning Silver

    Details on how to read an exclusive excerpt from Spinning Silver are here!

  • First Page Posted: UPROOTED

    First Page Posted: UPROOTED

    A few weeks ago, author Robin Hobb visited to sign copies of her new book, Fool’s Assassin, for readers via The Signed Page. Robin and I have known one another a long time. Over ten years. In that time, she has signed a lot of books for her readers all over the world. More this…

  • Chapter One: Blood of Tyrants

    Part I Chapter 1 Water lapping salt at his cheek roused him, a fresh cold trickle finding its way into the hollow of sand where his face rested. It spurred him: with an effort he pushed to hands and knees and then up, to stagger indecorously along the shore and fall again at the foot…

  • US Cover: Crucible of Gold by Naomi Novik

    Here is the US cover for Crucible of Gold, Book Seven in the Temeraire series! To read the Prologue from the book, click HERE! Love it!

  • Posted Prologue: Crucible of Gold

    Today’s nur-ne-nur-ne-nur moment from yours truly is that Naomi Novik has delivered the manuscript for Crucible of Gold, the seventh book in her Temerairet series, which means I get to steal off to a quiet corner and immerse myself in reading for the next two days! The manuscript still needs to go through copyediting, proofreading,…

  • How To Make a Graphic Novel

    Will Supervillains Be On the Final? is out in fine bookstores now! A few of you have asked why did Naomi decide to do a graphic novel alongside her bestselling Temeraire series. The answer is simple. She wanted to try something new and creative. But that’s only half of the story! HERE is a series…

  • Excerpt: Will Supervillains Be On the Final?

    Below is an early look at Will Supervillains Be On the Final?, the new graphic novel by Naomi and artist Yishan Li! Click the “play” button to start the show! [oqeygallery id=1] If you do not have Flash installed, visit Will Supervillains Be On the Final? and download the PDF of the excerpt. Get ready!…