Anonymous: I know that Peter Jackson is busy making The Hobbit right now, but could you give us any more information on whether he plans to make Temeraire into a movie yet?

Naomi Novik responds: All I can tell you is I am indeed very hopeful we will one day see Temeraire in action! You can read more about Peter’s thoughts about how he might do Temeraire in an interview conducted by Quint of Ain’t It Cool News.

(And in the meantime, omg, Martin Freeman as Bilbo! Smaug! Thorin! I AM SO EXCITED.)

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Michelle D. Keyes writes: Do you see an end at some point for the Temeraire series? Do you have any plans to start another series at some point in the future?

Naomi Novik responds: Yes, the Temeraire series will end with book 9, as yet untitled, which will bring the Napoleonic Wars to a close. There may be more adventures in the Temeraire universe from me after that, but if so I think they will be set in different eras and/or places.

I hope to continue my manga series Liberty Vocational with Yishan Li (the first volume, Will Supervillains Be On The Final? came out on April 26!), and I have a couple of different other projects in the works as well, including a YA trilogy inspired by The Secret Garden, and another super-secret one not yet ready for even that much to be revealed. :D